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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sundays in my City..

In a week's time, we begin the season of Advent which in Latin means "coming". It is the time we wait and prepare for the celebration of Nativity of Jesus at Christmas. In Germany, the season of advent is a  joyous celebration. Cities, towns and villages, all get ready for this festive season, by lighting and decorating the towns with shimmering lights, green pine trees and colorful baubles. All over Germany, there will be Christmas markets open from the 24th of November till 24th December, though in smaller villages, such markets are open only for a week. A note on Christmas markets will appear shortly on this blog.
      For the time being, window shopping is a visual treat.

For more grandeur, all you have to do is step into any shopping mall, sit for some time on a bench and take in the colorful sights....

How are you gearing up for this season in your part of the world? For more, head over to Unknown Mami and see what the rest of the world is upto...

Unknown Mami


  1. Dear May!
    I found your blog through 'Frau', I am German, now living near New York for 16 years. We go to Germany often, two of my older children study in Berlin and all my family is in Bavaria. I understand that you must feel homesick and long for the American holidays, just now with Thanksgiving coming.
    We went to Volkach am Main this year, as a part of our summer trip through Europe. My parents celebrated their 50 th wedding anniversary there, Such a lovely town.
    You made me so wanting to be in Germany right now, going to the Christmas market, have Gluehwein and Lebkuchen.
    I always try to keep it all up and we bake and bring goodies from 2 German shops, spread far and wide in the area.
    My husband is Polish, so there are more lovely traditions to follow. Thank goodness there is a large Polish community around New York.
    I'll come back!

  2. May these are fabulous photos! I just love this time of year! As you know from my blog we are also heading to a christmas market soon :) I look forward to it every year.

    Have a wonderful week my friend!

  3. Wow, that mall is really decked out!

    I'm excited to take my daughter around to look at decorations. There is one house by us that every year is just fantastic. They haven't put the decorations up yet.

  4. There was just a big article in the Travel section of our newspaper that was all about Christmas Markets and how Germany has the best. I was all "There is this girl that has a blog that I follow that lives in Germany that JUST mentioned the Christmas Markets!!" I was excited.

  5. Window shopping is a favorite past time during the holidays-- They're so creative and inviting. And your mall-- WOW, that is really something.
    Thanks for sharing. Happy SIMC, jj

  6. Such beautiful window displays. I don't know how anyone would bet out of there without buying anything. LOL

  7. Your beautiful pics could be from Finland! :)
    Yesterday they opened 'xmas street' with Santa and all kinds of fun for kids to enjoy.
    I'll go to shoot some pics later this week - perhaps posting for next SIMC.
    Have a good week!


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