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Friday, November 26, 2010

First snowfall and Tannenbaums

Look what I spotted this morning?  Snow capped mountains of Lohr!!  Does anybody get excited at the first sight of snow or is it just me??

The first shot gave me enough reason to drag myself out of the house with the cam and go for a walk through the market place. For the past week, I have been pretty much feeling like hibernating..:)

I thought I could get a better shot of the mountains, but this was the best I could get. So, I headed back to the town to take shots of the "Tannenbaums" which are the fir or X'mas trees. These trees have been decorated by the kindergarten children from all the surrounding villages of Lohr.

The decorations are handmade, created by the little ones using paper, nuts, wood, pinecones, everything natural.

Every tree has a note describing which Kindergarten decorated the respective tree. 
I got to witness a group of excited children decorating the below tree. It brought a huge smile to my face.

We should be getting home our Tannenbaum in two weeks. We cannot wait to get one and begin decorating  it.  Isn't it strange, whatever your age, at Christmas, you still feel childlike??

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  1. Childlike in a very different way. More in a way that is in the sense of giving. I love giving to my friends and family, but especially to my kids.

  2. very cool shots. I should suggest you also visit a site called Unknown Mami, Sundays in My City

  3. Ooohh look at that snow! I have been peeking out windows for days now in hopes of the first snow fall. I love it! It makes me so happy to see it for the first time every year.

    The tree is so beautiful and those ornaments are fabulous!

  4. Love the first snow! The magic gets me every year...
    And those trees decorated by the little ones, so cute!
    We will be doing it mid december, but I started decorating the house last weekend! Ready for Advent!
    Enjoy all what the season has to offer!



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