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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Incredible India!!

I have never shared anything about my homeland on this blog. Well today marks the 62nd Republic day of India. When I first moved, I was astonished by the questions that were put forth to me by the people here...the most prominent being "Now that you are here, do you want to return to India??" At first I was aghast, then slowly realized how ignorant people were about my land. 
     India, with its rich heritage and diversity, from snow capped mountains to sun kissed beaches, palaces, temples, festivals, villages., the list is endless.....never fails to charm the foreigner. It is hard not to fall in love with India. 
The above advertisement presents to you my homeland in 2 minutes. It is my kids favorite and the only one which comes on our TV channels here. It portrays a tourist traveling around India, experiencing the land to the fullest. I wish i could explain the entire ad in detail. In the end, he says "Bahuth accha" which means "Very good" or "Very nice".
This post will give you reasons enough for us wanting to return HOME..



  1. Wow, sitting here in India, i havent watched this entire commercial..they only play the last 20 seconds or so..Good to see so much beauty in our country..

  2. Oh May..India is so beautiful! I want to go and taste the food and ride the elephants and walk along the markets and dip my feet in the water. I can see why you miss it so much.

    I get asked funny questions too about home..usually it's about everything they do wrong there and how much everyone thank goodness I am able to let most of it roll off my back.

  3. Amazing. There is so much I want to see and experience. So much.

  4. Incredible!!! Thanks so much for sharing. :) I think I want to go.


  5. India is a beautiful place. What a lovely slideshow! Wow. I am glad you have that rich heritage and history. I love that you love your country from where you've come.

    Thank you for your comment on Buckaroomama's interview! That is exactly what I was hoping people would say after reading! LOOK WHAT I CAN DO WITH MY POINT and SHOOT : )

    Too many people get caught up in the whole 'i have to have a better camera' mindset. That is just ridiculous!

  6. Bahuth accha! I always enjoy "traveling" from my computer chair. India looks like a beautiful area. Thanks for sharing.

  7. India presented beautifully. However when I think back on my times in India it's the masses of crowds and traffic and buildings I remember as everywhere you turn they meet the eye. There seems few places which are open landscape without people.

  8. This was a wonderful video...things i never expected to see. I can see why you would love to go home again!


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