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Monday, January 17, 2011

Its official!!

It's official. After a lot of thought, my kids will be receiving their First Holy Communion( It is a catholic church ceremony which is very important in every child's life) in Deutschland. None of our family will be coming over from India due to various reasons. Over the past year, we have made a few friends and we will be celebrating along with them.
   There is a lot to do. The major one being deciding the kids clothes, especially of our daughter. She has something in mind, more in lines of wanting to look like cinderella in a gown!! It is going to be hard, to please her..:) Then we have our boy, who is a simpleton. He is satisfied with whatever we get him. There are invites to decide, food and menu to think about, cutlery to buy, decorations to make, lots and lots of work.We are excited about it and eagerly looking forward to the day, which is 4 months away.
    On Saturday, we thought we would head over to Würzburg, to get an idea as to what is available in the markets. Nothing prepared us for the visual treat we were about to see in the sky..

It ain't fair if don't share this with you. The image has not been altered, edited, nothing at all. This is exactly how the sky was and my husband was asking me to hurry up with the shots before the colors faded away!!!


  1. Important event in a child's life when they make their First Communion! Are they allowed there to wear any kind of dress? I my country girls normally wear a white dress and when I made it (hundreds of years ago) we even had to dress like nuns, headpiece and all - I swear!
    Beautiful sky - I love those colours!!

  2. How lovely that your children will be having their first Holy Communion and that you are planning the celebration.

  3. WOW! WHAT a SHOT! Beautiful!!!!

    Now for the First Communion ~ YES!!!! It is a very big deal :) I thought you were a fellow Catholic :)


    My daughter receives her Confirmation in April ~ 4 months ~ We have been thinking about dresses too :) How fun!

  4. Love that sunset! It looks like fire! Thanks for linking up to Happy Monday! :)

  5. Now a sunset!!! WOWie!


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