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Monday, January 10, 2011

It's hard.

A new day, A new week.... The kids are back to school, husband back to work. The decorations are down, the tree removed.  And am all alone and depressive. The weather is not helping in any way.
     Today, 95% of my family minus us is together for a big fat Indian wedding. My cousin is getting married, and we are paying a heavy price, thanks to the expat life. I thought I would be okay. That I would be too occupied to even realize that I am missing something. But, I was so wrong. Each moment I think about it, tears come stinging to my eyes. I keep wondering, what everybody are up to. I keep imagining the chit chat that must be going on, everybody getting ready with their fine clothes and jewelry, the excitement in the air, the merriment, the dancing...........
    Sigh, I know, I have to get over it. It's very hard, but I have to snap out of it!!


  1. I know all to well about these feelings. I have missed alot of things over the last 3-1/2 years. Im so thankful that they record things and send them to me to watch,we catch up on facebook,chat via webcam..but it's never the same as being there in person. I'm sending a big comforting hug your way because I do understand.

  2. Maybe they will be able to send you photos and tell you the stories and make you feel better?

  3. That't the whole problem. The big fat Indian wedding runs into 3 days of celebration, merriment and fun. My family posted pictures on FB of the first 2 days. And that made me miss all of them so very much!!!

  4. HI May I know how you feel.. When summer comes I want to leave. I want to be with my family out of the dark and the cold.. Hope you are ok and don't miss India too much.. I LOVE INDIA.. Carla xx

  5. ((Hugs)) May I know it's so hard I remember missing out on so much while aboard. I wish I had the words...but I too shed tears. All I can say is the experience you and your family are having a worth the sacrifices.

  6. Thank you ladies for the hugs and words!!!! It meant a lot to me..:) Did speak to all my loved ones back home and saw the oh so many pictures posted by them.


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