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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blue Skies..

We finally had blue skies today. After months of gloomy, cloudy weather, clear blue skies with patches of beautiful white clouds appeared.

Plenty of sunshine to warm up our homes!! The sun also showed me that it was high time to clean the windows ...:) The dust glistened beautifully...:D


  1. LOVE your header and we've had some blue skies aswell! All the snow is gone and I opened up all the windows and aired the house out :) enjoy your weekend!

  2. Did the same too. Opened the windows and aired out the house!! Will get to the dust on Monday...:D

  3. Beautiful. Love the blue sky days and when it finally starts to thaw!

  4. Hi May! I really like your blog, you have nice photos from Lohr. I guess I work for the same company as your man ;-) Just moved from Lohr to Würzburg 3 month ago. Do you know that there is a Bosch Rexroth Fotoclub? It would be nice if you show us some of your photos.


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