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Monday, January 10, 2011


I have decided to get out of the house daily. More on some decisions I have made for this year in a later post. Also, I needed to come out of the gloom. There was a heavy fog in the air, nevertheless, I carried my camera along. It's quite small, hence it fits snuggly in my jacket. 

As you all are aware, we have the River Main flowing alongside our village Lohr am Main. The warm temperatures have melted all the snow and hence we are having high waters 'Hochwasser' on the road.
The road pictured below is closed. 

Maybe this sign below will give you guys a clearer picture to the level of rising waters.

This is supposed to be a car park which is right now submerged. The river's edge is where the poles begin.

The ducks are confused and have swam onto the road. Lucky for them, there is no moving traffic.

Finally, people like me, who want to grab a shot of the Hochwasser...:D


  1. High water is always so scary. Glad you're safe, and of course, that you were able to get pictures!

  2. Stay dry and don't drive into puddles no matter how shallow they seem!

  3. HI May, wow you must have problems with this weather if you are from India. I am Australian and when the dark descends by mood leaves.. These floods look bad. Wonderful photos. Carla

  4. Wow that is amazing and scary I hope the levels go down soon. It's good you are getting out and captured awesome shots! It's tough when the weather is so gray and cold. Have a wonderful day!

  5. WOW thats alot of water! be careful. Im glad you are getting's important to do those things...good for the mind and body : )


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