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Monday, October 10, 2011

The hidden vineyards

Remember the walk I wrote about yesterday. So while we were at it, at some point the path diverged into two leading to another trail. Knowing very well that it was something to do with wine( we came home and found out that lehrpfad translates to!!!), after the ruins, we decided to find out where this path led to. 

We are surrounded by quite some vegetation. The children slowly begin to doubt out loud as to where are we headed... In sonny's mind he knows that we are walking away from the point where we have parked our car...:D

and then the path opened up to this!!!

Rows and rows of vineyards!! Now my trio felt they hit the jackpot(cause since quite some time I have been wanting to go walking in vineyards followed by wine tasting) I too would have thought the same if I could spot some grapes.

(The year of planting and type of grape is noted down for easy recognition)

With not a grape in sight, I wondered whether it was too late. All the plants were bare and pretty soon the leaves would fall too, which meant I would have to wait another whole year for my lovely walk in a vineyard full of grapes. Walking further down, we realized that the vineyards were beginning to be enclosed by wires and then we saw why?

My beauties were still there...:D I am guessing the wine growers remove the enclosure as and when the fruit is picked. So, these grapes were still protected from photographers like me. There were plenty of rows with fruit on them and we could also sense the strong smell of very ripe grapes in the air!! Since it was getting pretty late and with the sun setting we had to get back to our car through the dense path. But not before I got a few more clicks.

I envy the family living in the house below with all my heart. Imagine waking up to sights of lush green vineyards!! But then somebody may be envious of me too waking up to the sights of the beautiful Main Spessart...:)


  1. That was one treasure trail you embarked on. Loved the picture on the blog header.

  2. Wow that a discovery you made May! I would have loved to walk down that vineyard too! Keep the posts coming!!

  3. Gosh! What a lovely find!! So nice to walk this path and find treasure!! Absolutely stunning!! And thank u for taking us with u on this lovely trail :-)

    Thanks for coming to link in :-)

  4. Wow,..thnks fir sharing such awesome clicks

  5. May what a wonderful time you must of had! I would love to take a walk through a vineyard aswell! wonderful photos :)

  6. How wonderful for a path to open up to that beautiful scene! Such gorgeous photos!!

  7. Gorgeous pictures.....I would love to live in the house on a vineyard some dream!

    Have a wonderful day!

  8. This totally reminds me of that Keanu Reeves movie, A Walk in the Clouds. =)

  9. Delightful views all round. Looks like you are living in a very beautiful area. The grape vines late afternoon would have been a real treat to the senses.

  10. Making me miss Germany. Can't wait till May when I will get to drive past the vineyards. So lovely!

  11. Hello, found you from communal global. I love your photos. Germany is so gorgeous. I envy you living there.


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