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Saturday, November 12, 2011

DIY Fall/Advent wreath

Are you the kind of person who buys material just because it's cheap for a craft project which you may or may not end up doing?? Well, I for one am that kind of person and most of the time, I do end up making what I have in mind. So, when I saw these balls of yarn a few months ago at a local supermarket for a euro each, I promptly bought not one, nor two but four for a future crochet project. In course of time, I realized that I could not crochet with this particular yarn(It said it was meant for knitting socks and I had failed to see it!!) So the yarn lay quietly in my basket until I saw these wreaths doing the round all over the net just before fall set in!!!

One blogger did mention that this DIY wreath is meant for a rainy day and after I began I understood why...:D This does take a lot of time and patience too.

I found the tutorial here and let my imagination do the rest.


  1. That's really nice - you did great! :-)

    ( Oh - and yes; it was my happy feet..!). :-)

  2. How pretty...I may just have to try that myself!

  3. that looks lovely!

  4. Wow....I love it! Great job it's perfect for the season.
    I've been trying to get more crafty lately it's really fun to make something yourself! Have a wonderful Sunday!


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