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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Count down...

I want to begin doing up our home for X'mas. From what I know, friends of mine have begun baking goodies too. I have gathered the baubles, begun looking out for fresh pine leaves, so many ideas on the web which catch my attention, but it all has to wait.

In exactly 2 weeks I will be answering my exams for the B1 level of the German language. I made up my mind to put in at least 2 hours of daily study apart from the nearly 6 hours of classes I attend everyday. I did succeed for a few days with the extra time, but then had to give in to the piles of laundry, messy home and dinner for the family.

I am no where close to speaking perfect german. The grammar has gone all over my head. The best I do is to translate word for word, english to german and voila, there I have my sentence. This does not mean I haven't learnt or benefitted anything at all. I am able to understand all the Deutsch announcements sent by the school to parents, also help the kids with their home work and attempt reading simple recipes too all with good success. That does make me feel good. But the exams, a different story all together. So while I am at it, to get into the festive mood, I placed these pretty poinsettias in a hand painted gold pot. I cannot wait to be a free bird, soon!!!!!  


  1. You have come a long way....It will be such a comfort for you to be done and more comfortable speaking in the markets and restaurants. I use to panic when on Strass bahn and an announcement would come over the speaker...never knew what they were saying...your poinsettias look very pretty!

  2. You will be a free bird soon May & a proud one at that for having accomplished a task you set out to do. I truly admire your grit & will to learn a new language besides adapting well to a foreign land. Wish u all the best, study well..I didnt know it was 6hrs of class everyday..OMG! Good luck dearie & waiting to see your posts without the tension of the exams looming over ur head!! All the best!

  3. Frau, you are so right. Learning the language has made my life so much simpler!!!!


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