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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pirate turns 11!

My pirate turned 11 on halloween's day. We celebrated with lots of choco muffins(his favorite) and a yummylicious Indian dinner all prepared by mommy the chef. Back home in India, birthdays and anniversaries meant going out to our favorite restaurants, but the german cuisine has not tickled our palettes so much as to long to go out and eat on special days( they are reserved more for our day trips or holidays).

I would have loved to decorate these cakes with halloween characters, but these lady bugs were the best I could find next to girly stuff. Never the less, my little pirate was super pleased with these.


  1. Wishing your little pirate the happiest of Birthdays! The years just zoom on by. I love your pretty cupcakes. I bet they tasted divine!

  2. Happy Birthday to your sweet son! I agree homemade favorites were how we celebrated...I didn't take to German cuisine either. I hope he had a special day!

  3. Happy Birthday to Mark!! Turning 11 in 2011!! What a brilliant coincidence!! Wishing the lil pirate God's abundant blessings of good health, wisdom, happiness & all the success in life!! Wishing the mamma a happy birthday too...when a child is born, so is the mother :) Happy eleventh May!!

  4. Congrats to him, I hope it was the best of days! :-)


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