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Thursday, November 10, 2011

More timbered houses.

If anybody were to ask me what was one of the many things I liked about Germany, my answer would definitely be it's timbered houses. While I do regret for not being able to live in one, I am grateful for the fact that I do live in a beautiful medieval village which has rows of such houses.

Now the above picture is not of Lohr am Main, but the Römer Platz of Frankfurt am Main. Each time I have landed and taken off either by plane or train, I was always greeted by the ugly skyscrapers of the city. So, it did take me by surprise to see these rows of timbered buildings neatly tucked away a little further from the modern high-rises.
I intend on taking back to India one of these timbered houses all for me. To remind me of my once beautiful stay which will slowly then be only a memory. You may wonder how? I will reveal it to you...shortly..:)


  1. At Grants Farm the buildings look a lot like that. Completely gorgeous.

  2. These buildings are so delightful May. Looking forward to seeing what you have planned.

  3. Wow!! These buildings are fabulous!! Very amazing, the way it has built. Cool!


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