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Friday, November 11, 2011

Martin's Tag, 2011

Imagine my surprise when I stepped out of the house yesterday to buy a lantern for my daughter to take part in the Martin's tag procession which I thought was to be on 11.11.11!!!! Everybody were walking towards the spielplatz with LANTERNS!!! Luckily, my knowledge of little german came to my rescue..... 

Stopping a passerby I asked" ist heute Martin's tag??".
"Ja" came the reply.
 "Um wie veil Uhr?"
eeeeks,jetzt(now) I shrieked!!!!

So it was a mad dash with a lantern to a house with kids already snuggled warm in their house wear cosily in front of the TV. It was in record time that we dressed and ran to the ground all the while praying that the whole thing was not over!!!

Most of the kids had self made pretty lanterns...

In comparison to last year, the crowd was pretty huge this year and also I personally felt quite noisy. In 10 minutes my daughter felt so GROWN UP and declared this was not for her but for kindergarten children!!!

So debating whether to take part in the procession or not, they finally agreed to walk a portion and then head back home.

The houses on the streets where the procession walked were all lit up with t-lights in bottles.

So much for our eventful Martin's Tag!!!


  1. What great photos May! How cool! I didn't know what Sankt Martins Tag was...I LOVE it!!!!!

    and then again, I just hate it when you get the date wrong, kill your self to get there and then the kids feel they are WAY to big for the party. :( LOL!!!

    Thank you so much for your wonderful comment on my post today May.

    xoxo, Lisa

  2. Love this - had no clue about it so I´m glad you shared! :-)

  3. Wonderful photos from the "Martinstag" and the lanterns. Great capture.
    Have a nice weekend, May.

  4. I remember this day and wondered what it was...Katelyn came home from school and told us about it...isn't it if I remember right like a changing of the seasons...scaring winter away for a time being.


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