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Saturday, October 27, 2012

A wee bit early..

A cause for excitement for the kids today....not for me.
Here's why...

While everything looks so very pretty, especially the blend of white and orange,
I am so not ready!!
P.S: Pics taken in the neighbouring mountains of Rechtenbach.
Unknown Mami


  1. Wonderful photos from the first snow. Today we have also the first snow. Better a little bit white, then grey...
    Have a nice weekend, May ! Hugs, Synnöve

  2. The fall foliage and dusting of snow is such a pretty combination.

  3. For children and those not accustomed to snow, it's always wondrous. Maybe those of old who are older and have seen it so much need new eyes.

  4. It's gorgeous! But I agree I'm not ready I'm getting our boots and hats, gloves and heavy coats out. They say it's on the way here too! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  5. "Ready or not, here I come!!!"

    That is gorgeous. Send it on over to Central Wisconsin, I'm ready and WAITING for it.

  6. What amazing images... I love the stark contrast between the two seasons.


  7. Looks beautiful - we´ve got our first snow a couple of days ago but I don´t think it will last that long.

  8. Love the blending of the seasons however I too wish it could have waited.

  9. These are beautiful photos!!! I love the leaf path through the snow. Absolutely beautiful! We are so not ready either but it has arrived and stayed all week here. The fall leaves are not falling on the top of the snow. It is a backwards feeling.

  10. Well, as someone who is still fighting upper eighties heat, I am jealous!!!! It is lovely.


  11. Oh no! Well, the pictures are stunning. (o:
    Our leaves are gone, snow would brighten things a bit, I guess. )o:

  12. Sending you a warm hug. It is beautiful, though.

  13. Brrrr May! I'm with you all though it is beautiful - It was so cold last year. summer is way more fun!

    xoxo, lisa


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