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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wild flowers for the home..

What was supposed to be a walk to clear my head of some thoughts and simultaneously take a breath of fresh air instead turned out to this...:-)
The bright red Hagebutte on the rose bushes called out to me. Soon I was like a little child promptly breaking tiny branches of the red buttons and also looking out for wild flowers. 

I ended up collecting wild daisies, some unknown flowers and berries too. 

Hagebutte are the fruits of different kinds of roses. Something I learnt from my german friends. The pulp from hagebutte(found at the fleshy base) can be harvested in late autumn to make purees or jams!!
A tiring process I am told. It's simpler to buy the readymade jams. Since this is something new I came across, I am yet to try it out.

For now, I took satisfaction in simply getting them home to brighten up a corner.

Hagebutte are also used in flower arrangements or floral deco. I just love the way these simple flowers and berries from the meadows have transformed a corner in my home.
I am now beginning to wonder as to how I have never come across the fruit of a rose plant back home. Any thoughts on this??
Is it because of the seasons?


  1. No clue - but I love the flowers!

  2. What a beautiful bouquet...the berries are beautiful. I wonder if they are called "rose hips" here. I have never grown roses myself.

  3. Lovely. We call them rose hips too. If you don't cut off the rose buds and just leave them be, most blooms will eventually become rose hips. You can even use them to make tea.

  4. Beautiful May I would love to be able to step outside and pick wildflowers these are so pretty and am sure they brightened up your house!
    Carla x


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