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Thursday, October 4, 2012

An Indian breakfast...

Yesterday was a holiday for whole of Deutschland, the national day of Germany. Our goal was just to laze around at home. 
So the lazing began with all of us waking up quite late followed by this sumptuous Indian breakfast.
Something I would never ever dream of making myself. 
Last week hubby introduced me to the BBC documentaries of Madhur Jaffrey's Indian recipes. He has taken a subscription for these documentaries on our ipad which we can also watch on our tv.

While I am not much of a foodie, I do LOVE to cook. I never consider preparing meals as a chore or process, instead it's more of a hobby to me which is definitely relaxing and an enjoyable experience. The end result of the family devouring what you have prepared with love is truly satisfying.
So back to the documentary which took me surprise and then filled me with an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia, nostalgia, nostalgia!!! 
The sight of our veggie markets, fresh seafood, the small road side cafes, restaurants, landscape, festivals.....Madhur Jaffery definitely knew how to strike a chord in my heart.
What was even amazing is the way she cooked, with a kind of flair. She made it all look too easy. 
Now what I didn't expect is for the images of all that FOOD to be stuck in my head for like forever. In my sleep, the next morning as I went about, all I could think of was all the food featured on the show. Yes every bit of it.
That's when I decided, yes, am gonna make it too, much to the delight of the family. 

Shrikhand it was with puris. The former being actually a sweet or a dessert, it can also be had with Puri,  a kind of Indian bread. 
Here's the recipe for the Shrikhand: Take 750 ml of curd, hang it in a cheese or muslin cloth overnight, so that it is drained of all its water or whey. Powder 150 grams of sugar along with 3 cardamoms(unpeeled). Puree a tin of mango. Mix the thick curd, powdered sugar and pureed mango beating all together either in a blender or by hand. Refrigerate it and serve chilled with piping hot puris. The above puris rolled out by my 10 year old..:) Yeah, we have somebody following in mommy's footsteps..:D

Note: Tinned Mango available in Edeka outlets or Kupsch in Lohr. 


  1. What a wonderful treat for you and your family! Looks yummy ....enjoy!

  2. Wow May! Truly Indian meal...I haven't eaten Srikhand in ages!! You just inspired me :-)

  3. Yummy, looks great. You just reminded me of Indian breakfast. sooo different to German breakfast.

  4. Glad you were inspired. It looks wonderful. The markets of your home would be so different to those in Germany - no wonder you were homesick - I bet you could even smell the smells.


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