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Friday, October 12, 2012

A postcard..

Guess what arrived in the mail today?
A postcard from SONNY!!
This was just before we were to go and pick him up..
Mail within Germany more so within the same region sure took long to arrive.
His short message warmed me up and brought a smile to my face...
and also prepared me well.
He wrote he had showered only once in 5 days......eeeeeeeks
and he was returning with a bad throat and lost voice!! 

So much for school camps..:-)
The above is the place they stayed. He had lots and lots of fun. And missed us the most at night. 
Now I have to get him back in shape for the next week. Lots of hot tea and warm cuddles should do the trick. Till then,
Happy Weekend to all!!


  1. Oh how sweet! Sounds like the camp was a success if he's coming home tired and w/o a voice. Tea and cuddles sound like the perfect cure.

  2. What a nice keepsake. I'm glad he had a great time and sorry he is sick...must have been from all the fun! Have a wonderful weekend!


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