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Friday, October 19, 2012


So, I had been waiting for the weatherman to predict sunshine, yes SUNSHINE for a very long time. I had enough of the rains and the crazy fog and grey skies. I felt totally uninspired a wee bit early this year. To keep myself occupied all I did was whip out new dishes in the kitchen and begin on some craft projects. When this happens the family is glad, but me....I need some respite. 
l need to get out with the camera and take pretty pictures, 
I need to window shop or if I feel like it, splurge too(much to the dismay of hubby dearest)
So when the forecast showed me that we are gonna have a GREAT week, I said yahoo..:D
We haven't ventured out as a family since our last trip.
So, this weekend we should be going on our first autumn drive. 
Hopefully I will have some great shots to share.

Last evening, the kids and I went to the local park and begun our hunt for autumn treasures. We found pretty leaves with intricate patterns on them. Some of them had colours we had never seen before. 

Back home, I had a new t light holder for our dining table with the treasures collected from our walk.
I call it Pinspired..:D
Fresh autumn leaves + a clean mason jar+ t light +  some twine.
You are ready to go!!


  1. I love what you did with the jar and how pretty the result is!

  2. Gorgeous display for fall....I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Beautiful :) have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Very true may....I wholly agree to what you say about their creativity. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. you have a great blog...following you:)Do you live in Lohr?


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