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Monday, October 22, 2012

A yellow weekend

The weekend didn't turn out as planned. The weather forecast turned out to be horribly wrong. We made up for it by meeting up with friends and going on a long walk in the woods.
It was great to catch up with them after a very long time. 
They know the best walking paths in the woods without the help of maps and satellite..:D Hubby and I always need help of some sort when either driving or walking through forests. It helps a lot when we are surrounded by people who know their territory well.

The scenes in the woods amazed us. While hubby and I have been mushroom spotting since the past two weeks, the mellow yellows now took us by surprise. A golden hue enveloped the trees and as we walked the rustle of fallen leaves was sweet music to the ears.

Since our friends are quite knowledgeable about mushrooms and can distinguish between poisonous and safe ones, the kids and they set out on a kind of mushroom hunt. While the purpose was not to collect them for consumption, it was more of a treasure hunt for the children to see how many different varieties, colours and textures would they come across.
Like the so called "colony of mushrooms" they are looking at below, the term coined by sonny.

While they were doing their thing, I did what I do best..:-)
Only that the mushrooms were so prettily camouflaged with the fallen leaves, it was real hard to capture them.

We spent a lovely time together walking right upto these ruins, taking a break over a pot of coffee at a rest house and occasionally sighing and wishing that the sun would make a rare appearance..:-)

Tomorrow, I will share more pictures of mushrooms that we spotted while on the go. 


  1. Beautiful colors and images May!

  2. May those are beautiful pictures! We had one day of really warm weather and now we are covered in fog..Im going to bake the day away to stay warm :) Have a great reast of the week!


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