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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Missing in action...

    I know I have been missing in action.  This is the first week that I have not participated in both Sunday's in my City( I linked an old post) and Tuesday's around the world. I have been caught up with so many things. The most important being the preparation towards my children's First Holy Communion. Husband is fed up of seeing me always with glue, paper, scissors and colors. And when not surrounded by this, I am in deep thought!!! He is dreading their weddings already. I tell him, that I have been like this right from the time I was little. I used to decorate the house for my birthday a month in advance!!! See, that's how crazy I was.  Even our wedding, I drove everybody mad. I had made this list where everybody, and  I mean each member of the family(about 30 to 40 people) had a role to play from the beginning till the end of the ceremony. Before leaving house, all had gathered in our living room, and I (decked up in my sari and make up)called out loud each name, where by they had to respond what their role was. Hilarious, isn't it??? I didn't want anything to go wrong. The perfectionist that I am...:(

    The weather being gorgeous, I have not stepped out of the house, which means my cam too is missing in action. Too bad isn't it? Well today, I have been invited to go to an English play in a nearby town with a group of English learning students. I grabbed the opportunity cause I need a break. A break from the normal hum drum of life. The father and kids will be having a quiet evening on their own(They are delighted). And by the time I am back  home, they all should be sound asleep in bed..:D

Yesterday was the semi final game of World Cup cricket between the rival countries, India and Pakistan. I missed not having regular transmission on our television. I had to make do with the online screening on the PC, which oh so many times lost signal which was quite frustrating. Well, India won and then there was cause for celebration. I am told that the skyline of India was dotted with fire works, youngsters on the loose screaming and shouting with joy, houses bursting out with cheers. I could only imagine all the jubilation that was happening back home. One more price to pay for living in a foreign land. You lack the thrill of watching it on TV and then miss all the fun. Saturday is the finale and I pray that our men in blue win the cup.



  1. First of all, you need to show us some of your Indian style! For real, I want to see it!!!!! :)) Secondly, I understand.... I have periods when I don't have time or will to pick up my camera. You will... Enjoy in what you like for now - crafting decorations. :)

  2. I'm with Mira I want to see what you are working on. Congrats to your children making their holy communion such a special time in their young life.

  3. It's all hush hush now...;-) The big event is on May 8th. Will definitely post pics after..:D

  4. Are you working on Communion banners? :)

    Congrats on India winning the cricket semis.. here's hoping they'll win the finals. That said, cricket, along with baseball, is a game that I simply don't get. ;p

  5. Go have a fun evening May. Oh the hush hush is calling in curiosity :-)and all the best for the preparations.


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