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Monday, March 14, 2011

The week gone by..

The kids are back in school today. We had a great week together, the three of us. The carnival at Mainz(of which a post is pending), a birthday party of a friend, making new friends and an Indian spouse expat with kids meet was the highlight of the week.
I thought it fit to have flowers around the house. Just like me, my kids too love dabbling with paper, paints, art of any form. My daughter and I made tissue magnolias to bring color to the living room.

The two of them went that extra mile to cut out flowers and stick them onto our windows. Finally. the house looked like a sort of beautiful mini spring kinder garten...:)

Unfortunately, I did not click pictures of the meet as I was too busy chit chatting and attending to the babies that were around. 
  So today we are back to the groove, me waiting for the next holidays which are due in a month's time. Do not forget to drop by tomorrow. I have a special announcement to make!!!


  1. Beautiful decorations for your house. I envy your hand for this kind of work - I'm zero when it comes to working with my hands.

  2. Flowers always lift my spirits! Thank you! Can't wait to find out about your announcement!

  3. Yayy! Flowers are always welcome...whether they are natural or not, they never fail to add that extra charm to a home :) Waiting to hear about ur announcement! ;-)


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