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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Every Morning..

Every morning on waking, the first thing I do is pull up the shutters to my balcony.....

to take a peek at my babies......

The weekend saw me shop for spring plants for the house. There are primels, daffodils, violas, hyacinths. Some in bloom and others yet to.

These tulip bulbs were planted at the onset of winter. The plants are now shooting out from the bulbs. I cannot wait to see my first tulips.

What is it about Spring that you like? Do you bring in color to your home too? If so, which are your favorite spring flowers??
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  1. Oh May those are beautiful! I am a Hyacinth I fill my house up with those. I just love their scent...there is of course, the tulip! I can't not have those in my house :) It does a heart good to see all the beautiful spring colors popping up all over!

  2. Sonya, This is the first time I got a hyacinth. Am eagerly waiting for it to bloom..:)

  3. So pretty I'm buying plants today...I miss the cheap flowers at the markets in Germany. I always had flowering plants and if they died less then 5 euros to replace. Here nothing is even close to that cost! Enjoy the beauty....makes me smile! Have a wonderful day!

  4. Oh these are just gorgeous!! I've not seen the pink and yellow pansies (?) - really pretty!

  5. Your flowers are absolutely DI-VINE! My favorite springtime flower is a tiger lily...I have several and can't wait for them to bloom!

  6. Your flowers are gorgeous, May! I love all the different colors... so vivid! I can't grow any plants, for the life of me. LOL I will just have to indulge myself with photos of yours. =)

  7. Your flower photos are beautiful. What a nice balcony you have!


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