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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane.

I love blue skies....The deep blue with white streaks on them!! Streaks left by smoke from a passing jet plane. When skies are grey, I see nothing, nothing at all. So, when gorgeous skies like this appear, I love looking out the big windows from our home which give me uninterrupted views of the skies with the teeny tiny planes soaring high. The fact that we are an hour away from Frankfurt, which has one of the world's busiest airport means that you see planes in the thousands everyday.

These are shots from different windows in my home. A jet plane almost everywhere. A year ago, these planes would bring tears to my eyes. It was in one of them I came to this land. And it is one of them which will take me back. Now I think about the passengers in them. Are they leaving or coming home to their loved ones? Is there someone terrified or enjoying flying?
     What is it about blue skies that you love??


  1. I love blue skies. I love that you can look up every day and imagine all of the stories of those passengers : )

  2. The planes are dear to me. I hate flying, but I love the planes. The fact that I love planes and jets make my life much easier since I am an Aif Froce wife and jets are the reason my husband is away most of the time.

  3. What neat shots! I love the color of blue skies and how you can sort of lose yourself in thought when you look at them.

  4. I am always fascinated with planes...always wondering who is on there and where they are going.
    Beautiful shots!!

    Have a great day!!!

  5. Beautiful blue skies May! We have a hint of blue today amongst the grey and white clouds. When I see the blue it means warmth and I smile!

  6. I would only fly if there was no other way to get where I wanted to go. I loved all your photos and the sky is just gorgeous. Great post.

  7. That is one beautiful blue sky! I am really enjoying the wonderful weather we've been having! cold but sunny..I will take that anyday :)

    I always wonder about who's in those planes..are they like us and coming to a new country they barely know anything about? or are they saying their final fairwells as they leave to go back home?

  8. Blue skies & airplanes - such a lovely combination..just that I hate flying as much as I love gazing into a blue sky as I watch an airplane take off or land - completely in awe of whatever holds it in the sky - technology or just God's hand :)

  9. There's just something mesmerizing about the brilliant blue of the skies this time of year. I can't get enough of that color!

    It is hard to embark on new journeys of things unknown...but growth happens when we break free of our comfort zones and experience new things. I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay. I'm still learning how to adjust to the culture shock of moving so far away from our families (we're still in the same country, but 27 hours away) .


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