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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cinnamon Ornaments: A disaster

When you look at the pictures, i am sure you must be thinking, disaster?? No way!!
I too would have loved to say the same. When I first saw this on Pinterest, I knew I had to, wanted to make them. After scouring for ways to make them I finally narrowed down to one. Only difference being, i decided to make the applesauce and cinnamon powder from scratch!! That was mistake number 1!!!

Back in summer, I had plucked apples just for the heck of it during our walks and different day trips. I knew that no apple would fall on my head, so to the amusement of my kids and dismay of my husband, I would jump a little, pull a few branches here and there trying to get one juicy apple. In all I had plucked 10..:D  They had survived so long, not rotten in any way, just a wee bit shrivelled. What better  way than to use them for a craft project. The end result, a beautiful apple sauce.

Next was the cinnamon powder. There began my trouble. I don't know what made me think that I could make lots of it myself. My poor spice grinder kept giving up so many times, thanks to the ridiculously hard barks. Before you knew it, my kitchen was covered in powder, I was covered in powder, husband says the floor feels sticky too and now I see, the camera too has a beautiful brown shine.

Then came the kneading part, mixing the sauce and powder together to get the perfect dough. As much as I tried, I never got it. By this point I didn't even care. I was covered from top to toe with this heady scent of cinnamon and Ms A realised how very frustrated I was. From here, she took over. Patiently rolling the dough, cutting the stars out and getting them ready to bake.
(The result of homemade cinnamon powder, the stars looked coarse)

I must say, the final part(baking)was a test for me. I had no clue whether they would come out hard as rock, or crumble like cookies. We had come this far, we would continue.
So there, we should have had a happy ending right?
Well, they came out like stone, black stone, burnt well!!!
(The original baking time was an hour, they had burnt in 35 minutes)

All that was remaining was for me to weep. I had spent 2 hours preparing and covering my entire house and myself in cinnamon and this was what I got. Burnt ornaments and lovely pictures. 
Honestly, they would have found a place in the bin.
Well, the children came to their rescue once again, and promptly painted them. They still have to add a few final touches.
Will I attempt making them again. I do not know.


  1. hehe not everything on pinterest is fool proof. Do they at least smell good?

  2. Well at least you tried. You may end up loving them, or needing to throw them away - time will tell. You have learnt some things along the way, not a total loss.

  3. I'm sorry thats a lot of effort....but I guess in the end the kids had a great time painting them, not a totally loss in their minds. Have a wonderful day!

  4. At least it must have smelled good with all that cinnamon and apple sauce. I like your new picture at the top, real Autumn colours.

  5. Nice save! We used to make these in all kinds of shapes, the house always smelled SO good!


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