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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Deck the window..

A walk around town made me realise how very late I was in decking up the home. I haven't even begun. The past few days I have been experimenting baking christmas cookies in small batches. I don't know what's your definition of small, but in this home about 40 to 50 cookies is a small batch cause they are over in more or else 24 hours. They last a wee bit longer if I wail out loud and ask them to slow down.  The purpose of this experiment was to take the help of the family in deciding which were the best and hence should make it to our table on christmas eve. So far, all of them have been given the go ahead signal to be baked again.

Coming back to the home, the best we have done is get the christmas boxes from the cellar into the house. Walking around town made me realise that maybe I need to take a break from the kitchen and do something. Hence the windows in the entrance to our home are just now dressed up.
And now blogged about..:D

Empty Yoghurt bottles, sand, red ribbons and some greens make up my t light holders which will be lit in the evenings to light up the entrance to our home.

I bought a few shoots of pine leaves/ever greens and 2 potted plants. Replanted them again(though they aren't visible), poking in the evergreen shoots to fill in the spaces. I didn't realise that the pot is quite stained. The hanging geraniums seemed to have covered the stains before. Yet to figure out how best to hide them. The kids cinnamon stars have found a home and Santa is a treasure from a christmas market we attended last year.


  1. Such pretty decorations.....I wish I was your neighbor and I could help sample some cookies!! And drink gluhwein at the Christmas market together!

  2. I love how natural and festive the decorations look, so so pretty!

  3. I love the jars in your windows...thanks for the inspiration! I much prefer decorating over baking. (o:


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