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Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy Weekend!!

Yeah, it's FRIDAY!!! Woo hoo...:-)
And guess what I love about fridays?
Picking up hubby from work. Yes, you heard me right.
No, not by car or any other vehicle for that matter. 
When he is done for the week, and I feel like it, I wait for him here, seated on the wooden benches. 
He gives me a time, well a time. He's lucky he has a patient wife who loves waiting for him.
Till he arrives, I generally watch the world go by and also be grateful for the fact as to how small Lohr is. Otherwise I do not think I would have had this opportunity to walk with the husband home.

As I wait I watch couples walking hand in hand, singles dressed up well, maybe heading to the nearest restaurant or better still, meeting that someone special, some of them walk with freshly baked bread perhaps for the night, kids like mine happy running around the marktplatz as they wait for their dad too.

The wait in spring and summer(also the beginning of autumn) is beautiful. Geraniums spill out of every window in the Altes Rathaus. People sit out in the ice cafes, some in the restaurant in front of me. Having an early dinner or a glass of beer. Hubby and I too love to pop in once in while either for a bowl of ice cream, or just grab a cone. As we walk home he listens to my ramblings of the week gone by...:-)

(Now that it's cold it's a different scenario. It get's dark by half past four. There is no more outdoor seating at the restaurants, the ice cafes are closed for the next four months. Everybody have a faster pace to their step wanting to get into the warmth of their homes. In two weeks time the town will be lit up with the christmas lights and everything will be transformed into a fairy land. Till then, what do I do as I wait? Look at the christmas delights kept out in the window shops)
P.S: Above pictures taken exactly a month ago just as the autumn leaves began to fall.

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  1. Sophie and I used to meet my hubby at bus stop and walk home's nice to have those minutes alone together! Have a wonderful weekend!


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