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Monday, November 12, 2012

Frosty the snowman

If you've been following me on facebook you would have by now figured out that I have begun working on christmas deco. For the past three years, our christmas deco has multiplied into almost 3 boxes(we came with one). It's hard to overcome temptation especially during the famous german christmas markets. In our case, the husband likes an ornament, I like a handcrafted piece and the kids fancy a christmas memento or two themselves and voila, we all come home with something. 
I like to think that all of this will remain for many years to come and maybe the kids will someday have fond memories of them all(just like how I have of the christmas tree and deco in my parents home)

This year, along with the the advent wreath for the candles and one more for the main door, I decided that we shall have a string of pine leaves on one of our doors with only handmade deco. Something to do to keep me busy during the dark days of autumn and winter and also look forward to the season of cheer. These snowmen were first on my list. While you got to buy all the material(which is easy), assembling it all was like unlocking a jig saw puzzle. I managed to glue nothing but my fingers every time(thanks to the teeny tiny beads). Almost close to giving up, I so badly wanted to make them and gave a last shot with some experimentation. So here's what I did(sadly no pics). 

You need: Styrofoam balls or cottonwool balls, 5 cm and 3 cm. Red buttons or wooden beads 8mm, A black hat 40x20mm, A red satin band 3mm, wooden beads in red 6mm(for the nose), Black wooden beads 3mm(for the eyes), Checked cotton band 15mm. Super glue.
Glue both the cottonwool balls together. Work on the beads one by one(Make a rough marking of the eyes, mouth, nose and beads with a light pencil). What I did was to put the bead one at a time through a safety pin, glue it on the desired spot and pull the pin out gently. Worked like a charm(after I had glued my fingers together quite a bit). Before gluing the hat, stitch in the red satin band through to help you hang the snowman later. Tie the snowman's shawl around him, brush his cheeks with some pink colour and he is ready for X'mas.
If you like you can stick a tiny paper snowflake on his hat. I also have added light eyebrows since the photo shoot..:D

(4 more to go!!)


  1. So cute! I too love Xmas and will be starting decorating my outdoor entrance next week. I start to decorate inside at the end of November. I'm Canadian so the American Thanksgiving kind of kicks off the decorating season for me personally, especially with the arrival of the Macy's Day Parade.


  2. These are really cute...I like the texture. I might need to find cotton wool balls!

  3. Love your snowman! I need to gt crafty aswell. I signed up for an ornament swap and need to make 5 flat ornaments so they travel through the mail I fought the summer leaving..really fought it..but now? Im kinda ready for christmas :)


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