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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday!!!

I am so glad I bumped into Outdoor Wednesday!!, because not only do I love outdoors, I am a passionate gardener and lover of plants. My husband feels, I give much more love and attention to the plants instead of him!!! Way back in India, I had a lovely garden which i tended to lovingly. Having moved to Germany, we live in an apartment and I have to make do with the small terrace and potted plants. Would love to show the world what I had back HOME in India!!!!

If you love gardens, outdoors head over to Outdoor Wednesday for more.


  1. Gorgeous roses and the colors are just lovely.

  2. What a beautiful outdoor garden you have!

  3. Sonya, I had this garden, not anymore, though officially it still belongs to me...:-)

  4. Such beautiful flowers!


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