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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Flowers for me!!!

Now that spring is here, Anna's class was taken for a walk to the woods. I was pleasantly surprised to see her walk home with this bunch of wild flowers and grass in her hands. "For You" she said!!!
Not only did this childish thought brighten up my day, I also thanked God for these simple joys of life!!!!
Thank You ANNA!!!!!!

Please note that the purple colour in the photograph is my T-shirt!! realised it only now...


  1. Pretty flowers! What a sweet thought. I love that.

  2. What a lovely daughter you have! beautiful flowers for a beautiful woman:)

  3. She did a good job picking them in a way that gave them nice long stems that you can actually put in a vase full of water........ Cute!

  4. Yes Rebecca, she did a good job, but she wanted to get me flowers and grass with the roots, so that I could plant them!!!!

  5. they are pretty flowers and so special that you were being thought of.
    have a good weekend.

  6. Beautiful flowers, and sweet gesture!


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