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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday's around the World

The week has begun with Glorious sunshine, unlike last week!!! Lohr has suddenly transformed into a spring of colours!!!! People come out and spend their time revelling in sunshine and feeling good...:-)

For more Tuesday's head over to Communal Global!!!! Have a great sunshiny week!


  1. Oh, May, your photos (esp. the 3rd one) bring back memories of my trip to Germany over 10 years ago. :) Beautiful!

  2. Wonderful pics from Germany---
    I like especially the market scene.
    Liebe Grüße, Petra

  3. Sooo beautiful!! What is the first pic of..kites? whatever it is, I want Today is so grey here..and we even had a quick shower of rain! Im in denial of course and expect it to clear up and return to the bright and beautiful weather we've been having since last week:)

  4. The first picture is of Bali fans & they are to be seen in the entire village!! These fans can be kept in your garden or hung on trees, like in the second pic!!! I hope this weather continues!!! It keeps me in the best of spirits!!! Lol!!!

  5. Beautifully colorful pictures! Those flowers in the last shot are stunning :)

  6. Wow this are Beautiful!!!!
    Love the colors in your pictures!

    Have a Supha Tuesday!!!.......【ツ】

  7. Wow May! Your pictures are SO beautiful! I am ever so glad you shared your today with us! Such fun! I love your sunshine! What a blessing!

  8. Very nice happy and bright pictures. I'm glad you have nice weather, ours is rainy and miserable in Australia. Keep up the nice and bright pictures to cheer us up over here.


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