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Monday, April 12, 2010

Home Decor from Ikea!!

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!! We finally have our pillows!!! After sleeping pillowless for 5 months, we finally made a trip to Ikea not only to get pillows, but a whole lot of other home decor as well. If you're an expat and wanting to do up your house, then IKEA is the place, for cheap home decor!!! Personally I do not like the furniture, but I give a thumbs up to decor. For those who think as to why I am including costs in my post, it is to help fellow expats who read my blog to get a fair idea as to how much things cost and not to let the world know, how much we spent!!!!!!!!!!!

Pillows here are quite large, unlike what we use in India!!! I feel as though I am sleeping on a cushion though...Take a look...Each cost 7.99 euro without covers.
I have always loved small square glass vases. You can fill them with pot pourri, fresh flowers, water with a floating t-lite....anything that you can think of!!! I was thrilled to see rectangular glasses and bought 3, 1 large and 2 small Here's what I did with the large one...I filled it with different layers of coloured sand and placed two lucky bamboo in it.  The vase cost 4.99 euro and the bamboo stems 1,29 each. The smaller vases cost 1.99 euro each.
When it comes to Kitchen, there isn't much of a variety in cutlery regarding patterns and colours. I chose to be neutral and went with white!!! Also got placemats to add colour to my recipe blog...:)
The jute mat costs 1.99 euro, the green mat 1 euro, white bowl 2.99 and the cup and saucer 3.59 each!! The salad bowl below was a dirt cheap deal. It cost 1.79 euro and the best part, it fits in my dishwasher...:)
 I have never found big glass bottles in India for storage purpose in the kitchen, We generally use steel tins or have to make do with plastic, which I am not fond of. I was filled with delight to see these beautiful jars, only for 1.99 each and got a few of them to store flour, muesli, sugar etc etc...

You can place them as you wish. They are designed that way.

And finally, something what we had wanted to do back home in our apartment in bangalore, but never got to doing it. Create a photo gallery on a plain wall. We are finally getting it done here and to begin we purchased these photo frames which have to yet be hung on the wall. Sine these were picked up by hubby, am not aware of the costs!!!
That was my weekend, a happy shopping experience at IKEA!!!!! Hope you had a fun weekend too!!


  1. oooh I LOVE your sheets! I love the jars too. We have an Ikea nearby and I can spend hours in the kitchen and bedroom

  2. Thanks Sonya!!!!! How I wish we had an Ikea nearby!!! We have to travel an hour to Ikea and my husband sees that he takes me two hrs before closing time!!!!!

  3. I wish I would have seen the salad bowls and the canisters. I really want a canister set for my flour, sugar, and what not. But the only ones they had looked like bathroom ones. So I said I would wait untill I see one I actually like.

    Have you checked out Roller? I actually prefer them to Ikea and they have great prices.

  4. You have to check out the rolling pin in Ikea. Makes rolling Rotis a breeze !

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