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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sundays in my City!!!

Yeahhh!! It's Sundays in my city again!!! I am going to feature my Saturday though...Its six months since we moved to Lohr and this was the first Saturday that we experienced the best weather. The blue sky, green meadows, we loved it. We went out for a stroll and lazed by the River Main!! A few shots of my beautiful village Lohr....

Look who we met??????????? The kids were excited to see these grazing sheep......:-)

The beautiful Main!!! I could sit by its banks forever!! I hope we have the same weather next week...Have promised the kids a picnic...

These majestic horses too decided to have a day out........

The kids love Spring!!! ME too...:-) Hope you had a nice Sunday...For more, please visit Unknown Mami to view Sundays in other cities too. Till then,
With Love from Lohr....:-)



  1. Wow. Your spring is SO very pretty! How lovely! I love the horses! And the sheep! And the willow tree. Willow trees are my most favorite!

  2. May~ everything looks so beautiful there!! just like a postcard! We've had amazing weather this way and it's supposed to last all week! Spring is really here now! Have a wonderful sunny week!

  3. @Life with Kaishon : My husband and I were wondering what trees were they??? We sat under one and it was so beautiful..Thanks for the information.
    @Sonya:Yes, it indeed is beautiful!! Lohr has suddenly transformed!!!!

  4. Wonderful pictures. I love the cake, mmhhh, I want to eat the computer.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Spring in your part of the world is gorgeous. Love all the pics. Thanks for the tour. It made me smile.

    Happy Sunday,

  6. It's so green, I love it! I hope you get good weather so you can enjoy your picnic soon! I also love spring! Thanks for stopping by today! My first time participating in Sundays in my City and I am enjoying it!

  7. Oh it looks so gorgeous! The colors are just popping out!

  8. It is unbelievably beautiful there!

  9. Did you try counting the sheep? If you did, did it make you sleepy?

  10. lol Mami!!!! loved your comment!!! never thought about counting the sheep...We were more fascinated with the sheepdog trying to keep them all together. could not get a shot though of the dog...He looked quite frightening.


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