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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Week that was!!!

Its Weekly Winners again. Time to describe my week in pictures!!! At the start of a new week, I bring a bunch of tulips home, week after week, a different colour... This bunch chose to bloom on Monday....:)
The weather was terrible with the rain gods showering us and the sun playing occasional hide and seek!!!
The weekend chose to be better and this was our first experience of good weather. Picturing the beautiful River Main!!!  For more pictures head over here.
The good weather meant the kids could step out and have a ball at their favourite park!!!

Finally, something to be proud of!!! Successfully managed to make this beautiful cake which the family devoured in no time!!!! For recipe, head here.
Thank you Lotus for hosting Weekly Winners. See you all next week!!!


  1. The 'River Main' is a gorgeous shot. The water is so calm and serene, it's a lovely landscape.

  2. I love the shot of the river. And uh, now I want cake!!

  3. The flowers and water are so very beautiful. I need to make that cake..I think I have almost everything to make it:)

  4. lol!!!! Please do make it Sonya!! If you have kids who love cake, then be assured, there will be none remaining in no time!!!!

  5. Wow! The River Main photo is just gorgeous. I'd love to see Germany from that view. And I sooo want a slice of that cake! Thanks for stopping by today for SIMC! :-D

  6. I lurve some tulips...beautiful shots!


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