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Monday, April 5, 2010

A peek into my children's corner!!

 It has been a busy Monday!!! Soon, I will tell you why??  It has been five months since we relocated, and the change me and my family have gone through is immense. The months of December had seen us hunting for furniture, purchasing and assembling it all together. Though we had friends to help us, all this was new to us especially the lifting of furniture up the stairs, figuring out the manuals and then assembling them(In India we have special delivery and handy men to do all this work for us. We do not even move a finger).

                Lohr is a small village, hence, houses are hard to find. The only house which was shown, did not appeal to us at all. More so because back in India we lived in a luxurious apartment, our own. There are no words to describe the dreams, the planning and designing that went into every nook and corner of our home. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought we would have to relocate!!!!!! One such room was the children's room. Their room was a happy place to be in. Bright, airy and very big!!! The corners were well used with shelves for knick knacks, their stuffed toys all propped up against the walls on neat stands, two little beds kept in an L-shape so that they had all the floor space all to themselves. The walls and door was adorned with their paintings, since we didn't have to worry about upsetting any landlord about the walls!! Many an imaginative game did their room witness.....A castle, a school, a home, hospital, a space station, oh the list is endless. Many a smile did their games bring to my face, and I would gladly share their world to my friends.

In Lohr  we decided to take an unfurnished house(except for the kitchen). Though this time there were no dreams, no planning while purchasing. All we looked at was to buy furniture to serve our purpose. The kids room being very small, there was no place for single beds, hence we had to go with bunk beds. The shelves and cupboards in place, All I did was to just place their stuff. I do not know why, but I simply was in no mood for an arrangement. In time I also realised that the magic of imaginative play had disappeared. It has been four months, and the old girl in me is slowly returning, I wanted to make their room a haven, and with that objective in mind, I set out on my task, much to their delight. Here is the result!!!                                  

Since the room is  110 sqft only, they do need their floor space. I chose to keep this shelf behind their bed and right next to the door.  Their reading books, activity and music books, school stuff, stationary, paints and also the stuffed toys are kept here.
Thats Whiskers and Fluffy saying hello to you. Mark and Anna's sleeping buddies!!!

                                                                             This is the play shelf. My husband now knows I am back to my normal self seeing the arrangement. I love arranging stuff according to themes. If you notice, Barbies on the number one spot with their wagon, followed by sections for the playmobil, Lego(which I broke), a kitchen and board games. The children love the arrangement only problem being that at the end of the day, they call out to me saying that they cannot tidy up as good as me...:-)

Anna's kitchen is a blend of the east and west with both ceramic and steel cutlery!!!! And yes, that's a pretty big easter egg in a pan...:) Pictured below is a cool carpet I found at OBI. A city complete with roads, houses, bus stop, petrol station. parking lots. Great for the children to sit down and play with their cars and make believe friends!!!

The complete room with the windowsill exclusively reserved for knicknacks that come home from the MacDonald's happy meal!!! And finally, a portion of the wall dedicated to my artists. How long am I gonna resist putting these up the walls?? What the heck, we can repaint the walls but not discourage my budding artists!!! Presenting a fruit basket by Anna and New York city by Mark.......

Since then, I have been witness to a restaurant game where Anna the waitress and Mark the ratatouille have served scrumptious meals and I have taken delight in seeing this magical play!!!!!!!!!!

Note :- All the above furniture have been purchased at XXXLNeubert Wuerzburg.


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  2. Hey May,

    Loved your kids' paintings. Sell Anna's fruit basket to me!


  3. hee hee Sharon!! If Anna reads your comment,not only will she sell you her picture, she will also go on a painting spree!!!!!


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