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Friday, October 14, 2011

Memories of the leaning tower...

It's been almost two months since we were on our 2 week vacation in Italy and I never got around to posting either our pictures or stories about the wonderful time we had there. Last year we decided that we would have one big vacation driving around a country and Italy was our pick. So with months of reading, planning and trying to gather as much information as possible we eagerly set out on our trip. Its pretty hard trying to plan a holiday keeping the entire family's interests in mind. The leaning tower was on sonny's list and pretty much in our's too. Little did we realize that our visit to the leaning tower would be the most memorable of all.

Since we lived a mere 20 kms away from the leaning tower and all the information that I gathered told me that it would be open till 11:00 at night, I chose for us to visit it at around 6 in the evening. I figured that the setting sun would give us a much cooler atmosphere and also it would make for some pretty pictures too. Now all the planning must have gotten into my head cause I forgot not only my book of maps, also all the instructions required to get to the leaning tower from the railway station( we travelled by train) Now remember, we are on holiday, so there is no blame game at all so that everybody's spirit's are high and continue to be sane...:D Our nightmare began when we pretty soon realized not a soul could speak english to us nor could we figure out which bus could take us to the tower. Trying to understand whatever Italian we could and recognizing fellow tourists we got into a bus after an hours wait. The moment we got out, the first picture was the sight that greeted us. The beautiful baptistry, dome and the leaning tower gleaming at us against the setting sun. Our woes didn't end there. We pretty soon realized that the cathedral and baptistry were closed and the climb to the top of the tower was another hour and a half hours wait. So how much longer can the family stay without blaming me......not any more!!!! So while I was there thinking to myself that maybe this is a sign of our just begun holiday going wrong, we clicked more pictures against the tower, tried pushing the tower back...;D, walked around the lawns, visited the cemetery, sat on the lawns feeling the evening Pisa breeze....

(Camposanto Monumentale - The cemetery, Pisa)

I had made it clear that I did not want to climb the tower, once again thanks to all the reviews that I had read on the net..:D(Apparently you tend to feel yourself losing balance as the tower is not straight but leaning). Once the trio were on top, they began to thank their stars for all that went wrong before.........the picture below will tell you why!!

(Sunset glow over the town of Pisa)

Not only was the sight spectacular, they regretted the fact that I wasn't there with them. So the lesson they learnt from this experience was that hence forth make Mama climb Italian towers too, lest she misses the fun. Hubby dearest clicked plenty of pictures for me, simply breathtaking indeed. 
We got to see the leaning tower not only by day but by night too. And were we glad!!

For the record, there was no bus at all to take us back to the station. We found a couple who were angels in disguise to help us walk back to the station. However, we missed our last train back to the place where we were living and hence had to take a taxi back which did cost a small bomb...:D
So we were back to square one again....blame it all on mother!!!!! :D :D

P.S: The bus line Lama Rosa takes you directly to the leaning tower from the railway station. 


  1. Oh that's breathtaking - your photos are gorgeous and i am so so glad you didn't succeed in pushing the tower back because I have not been there yet and look forward to the day I can see the Leaning tower too

  2. Beautiful pics! I wouldn´t dare to walk up in the leaning tower, that´s for sure..! :-)

  3. Your pictures are amazing....just last night my Hubby said can you believe it's been two years since our Italy trip. We spent two weeks in Italy Rome, Florence and a quick visit to Pisa. We also travelled by train and thankfully found Americans traveling there that had been there before and guided us. We didn't stay until night but after seeing your pictures I wish we had.
    Of all our travels being in Germany...Italy was my favorite. Thanks for sparking a great memory.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. wow May! Your photos are outstanding! Great, great job! Pisa was a quite disappointment for me mainly because the city itself did not offer much besides the tower. Well, maybe the fact that we were staying in Florence at that time had something to do with that. Florence puts any place to shame. The Tower and church were really nice but the crowd around them was too annoying, especially those who decided that sunbathing or having a picnic around the tower was a good idea. I think your photos of the Leaning Tower are the best ones I've seen so far.

  5. What an experience, but look at the photos you have! LOVE the fourth one. A day and story you'll all long remember.

  6. Amazing photos, truly amazing. I have been to Italy many times, but never to Pisa, probably for the reason Mira said. People say that there isn't much to do there, but to have photos like that is reason enough! Sorry about the "best laid plans of mice and men," but isn't that what happens in vacations? I hate to blame anyone because I know the next mixup will be mine!


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