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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Nürnberg Zoo.

I have mentioned many times before as to how in Germany we plan our outings and excursions depending on the weather. At first this methodology seemed very strange to me, but now I must admit that when it comes to weather forecast and planning I am half german...:D Last weekend was one of such days plus the added advantage of a long weekend meant a day out at the zoo in Nürnberg. When you have kids you have to expect umpteen visits to say hello to the animals. While each one seems different to them, to us adults they are all the same!! This is our third visit to a zoo in Deutschland, and personally till date I feel the Stuttgart zoo numbers one. 

Nürnberg Tiergarten boasts of a dolphin show, something different from the other tiergarten's. I must say that it indeed was very impressive and delightful especially for the little children to watch. For us, it was our first time with dolphins. Having read quite a few articles on them, they are know to be very friendly creatures.

I loved the way the trainers communicated with them. It must be a pretty interesting job to work with animals and be able to understand and talk to them.

All along they obeyed and performed marvelously. The actual thrill was when they began these leaps and somersaults in the water. The gasps of delight from the children in the crowd was equally pleasing to hear.

The dolphin show is worth the visit . You will not be left disappointed. It helps to go early and take the best seats for an enjoyable show cause it can get pretty crowded!!

(waiting for their treats after the performance)

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  1. I love dolphins, they seem so intelligent and kind. :-)

  2. Your dolphin show photos are wonderful. You captured some great action shots.

  3. Beautiful photos. Your zoo is quite impressive. I can understand your planning your outings according to the weather. We have to do that here too.

  4. Lovely photos. There is something peaceful about dolphins. Indeed, most sea animals bring a sense of peace when we watch them. Except sharks. I have seen a few in my life, and I don't care to see them again.

  5. I want to play with those dolphins! And I am in love with your header. So cheerful!

    Happy Sunday to you, too!

  6. Beautiful pictures, I love them all. Very funny. Happy Sunday.

  7. Wonderful photos from the dolphins and the trainer. Beautiful !

  8. The dolphins are great - - - but you HEADER picture???? Exquisite!!!!

  9. oh I love.. love dolphins.. So so pretty!! This is a beautiful place!!

  10. I like dophins, but I'm a huge fan of killer whales.


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