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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesdays around the world

The next few months, sunshine will be a rare treat.

What's your corner of the world like? We are eager to know. Link up with us at Communal Global and share your today...


  1. A beautiful sight May - though I get a little depressed when you remind me of the dark and gloomy months to come... Good thing there´s Christmas to look forward to! :-)

  2. Wow, where were you when you took the photo? I love the lighting in the fall. Now, if only we could skip winter. (-:

  3. Love the sunlight and all the white buildings peeking through - delightful! Nestled between the mountains and the river it looks idyllic.

  4. Lovely, glorious light, May!

    Re: your comment... yes, it's not easy to catch Josh smiling in a photo. =)

  5. So true and the same for here...I'm getting off the computer and heading out doors! Have a great day May!

  6. I wish tuesdays looked like that here! I love your photos...I envy the nicest possible way :) I also love your other blog but I can't comment on the photos there for some reason.

    Your so lucky to live somewhere so picture perfect :)


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