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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Are you waiting for old man winter?

As the leaves change color.........

The days get shorter............

and colder too .............
(LEM photo challenge 'anything')

What do you do? 
How do your prepare for old man winter?
Are you glad to greet him or want to run away from him?

Unknown Mami


  1. Every time summer walks out my back door and autumn comes knocking on my front door, I want to pack up all my important things and family and move to southern Florida.

  2. Not too happy - I like being warm and I always freeze during winter, no matter how I dress. But Christmas is nice, so I´m looking forward to that! :-)

    Beautiful pics! :-)

  3. Beautiful pictures....I'm is winterized, car is ready...somedays I love the crisp cold air other days I love the feel of warm sun...

  4. Cool shots. Love the color of the leaves in the first shot.

    Winter is both a fun and dreaded season for me. Fun because of the way the snow falls and turns this town into a winter wonderland. Fun because I'm hoping to get out do some cross country skiing. Dreaded because I usually catch a cold, and I'll have some cold days in the freezing wind at my job as a playground aide.

    It'll fly by before I know it. Hope you have a great winter.

  5. Just hoping for a little snow, but not too much :o). I love the almost aerial view, stunning! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Beautiful photos May. I love autumn, it's a welcome relief from our hot summers....and then I love to welcome spring back again too. So much to enjoy in each and every season.

  7. I just asked the store owner very politely and then it was OK, but once I asked in a make up store and they told me I couldn´t, so I think it´s very dependent on the ones in charge. Quite silly, they are getting free PR! :-D

  8. I love spring, summer, fall and winter. As long as I can go for long walks along the lake I am happy.
    Liebe Grüße aus
    Toronto, Canada.

  9. Gorgeous fall colors, such beautiful landscapes.

  10. This year Im getting ready for winter by purchasing salt! every year they have run out and this year they are predicting a very harsh winter..sigh.

    Love your photos :) I wish you a wonderful sunny week!

  11. I'm so jealous! I miss fall.

  12. What gorgeous pictures. We, too, have had a beautiful fall. But winter is coming on Wednesday.... I'm visiting from Sundays In My City.

  13. Colors, colors, such beautiful colors.

  14. What gorgeous photos...this is why autumn is my most favourite time of year...the photography you get with the light and colours available is just stunning!


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