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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Our first autumn walk of the year!!

Last week on our way to Nürnberg by train, I was surprised to see the pretty autumn foliage around Ruine  Karlburg. These ruins are just a 20 minute drive from home and every time we pass by, we really do not give a second glance towards it. So the autumn colors did take me surprise. Today with the sun playing a game of hide and seek with us, we decided to head over to the ruins and see the autumn magic for ourselves. 

Once we parked the car and followed the sign which led to the trail, we were greeted by this gorgeous sight of fallen leaves and colors of yellow and orange above. It was hard to contain my excitement!! All the while I kept thinking that such pretty sights are indeed hidden from the world. 

Eventually it became a tug of war for the camera between the husband and I. As we climbed further on, the town of Karlstadt looked picturesque. Those are german windmills high up on mountains far away.

The climb actually exhausts you, but once on top, you are treated to some gorgeous sights or "blick" as said by the germans. There isn't much of the ruins, pretty small in size, but its actually the view that compensates for the climb.

The lovely autumn foliage with the river Main in the background. Somehow, I feel that autumn is at its best this year. Does anybody else feel the same way?

The town of Karlstadt.

More of the ruins.....
Our walk didn't end here. We were in for more surprises. Come back tomorrow, I have more to show you..:)


  1. So many beautiful scenes! I'll look forward to tomorrow's post.

  2. Very cool shots. I love the colors and the ruins. If I had ruins by my house, I'd be there every day, but I'm funny about old buildings that way.

  3. Your pictures are stunning May!! Lovely scenery waiting for your post tomorrow :D

  4. It looks stunning - I love to walk around! :-)

  5. My favorite time of year for sure! Your pictures are gorgeous it looks so pretty there. Thanks for sharing your walk...

  6. Oh my gosh.. what a beautiful sight.. I live in Dubai.. which is nothing... nothing compared to these pics.. :-( And Autumn.. and Winter is a dream!!

  7. Wonderfull fotos, greeting from Belgium


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