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Monday, October 24, 2011

Still, a little girl..

When it comes to movies, I am a kiddo at heart...:) I love giving my kids company or rather the kids love it that I watch along with them.......:D

Sci fi.....I never understand it..
Murder, violence, lies, deceit.......gosh!!! How can somebody ever enjoy all this??

Fairytales, romance.....I love them all.....
The knight in shining armor, the trapped princess.......
I never tire of them.....

If there's a dash of humor, then even more merrier!!!

There is no count as to how many times we have watched our favorite movies, over and over again.......Many of them during my childhood and now all over again with my kids....

What kind of a movie person are you??

A warm welcome to all my new followers. I love having you over and hope that you enjoy my space..:)


  1. I like many different kind of movies - drama/romantic/thriller and so on. But speaking of watching with the kids; I LOVE watching movies like Cars, the Lion king, Finding Nemo and so on with my boys - so fun! :-)

  2. Our children love The Parent Trap too! With a wide range of personalities we seem to have quite an eclectic collection of favourite movies in our family.


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