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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ahoy captain!!!!

Tomorrow, it's Sonny's first halloween party ever. There are no words to describe his excitement...

Halloween is something he has loved to read and dream about considering the fact that we do not celebrate it in India. So, when the school sent a note home saying there would be a celebration, he could not contain his excitement. 

With the note came dread(for me)....It meant he would have to dress up appropriately, to suit the occasion, all fearful and scary!!!!
Why don't you dress up as a ghost, said I... All I got to do is cut big circles as eyes on a big white sheet and then, you are ready to go!!!
Ohhh, thats too easy a costume for you to make Mamma declares he...
I wanna be a PIRATE!!!

Oh captain Jack Sparrow, why has my son a fascination towards you, oh why??? 

Gone are the days when I would jump at the opportunity to prepare such costumes for my kiddos..
All my enthusiasm seems to have....gone with the wind!!!
So, here I am with needle, thread, paper, glue and scissors to make my boy the perfect pirate!!


  1. You´re such a nice mommy! :-) It will look great and he´ll be so cool! :-)

  2. I'm sure your little boy will be the cutest pirate ever!

  3. Get out your mascara to paint on a nice mustache and then some lipstick to make a nice bloody scar.

  4. Thanks Rebecca for the awesome tip...:)

  5. Awesome Mom he will remember this forever....Pirate is an great costume! Hop he has a wonderful party!


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